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Individual Counseling

Individual-CounselingIndividual therapy is about addressing relationships with self and other.   As individuals we heal in relationship to our bodies, minds and spirit. We heal in relationship to each other and other beings. I will assist you with relationships with yourself, partner, family, friends and community. If you are struggling with issues related to your sense of gender, ethnic and/or cultural identity, relocation, immigration, interracial relationships and families, I am happy to support you in moving forward.

Loss and Life Transitions
Complex Trauma and Anxiety
Couple Therapy

Couple-TherapyCouple therapy is about healing connections and creating stronger bonds between partners. These strong and loving bonds lets the partners know they are the most important person to their partner, that their partner comes first, and they will be responded to when needed. Couples therapy will help you bond in a way in which you feel that as partners you are attainable, responsive and engaged with each other.

While all couples struggle with integrating different cultural backgrounds, life experiences, dreams and expectations, couples from different religious, racial/ethnic and class backgrounds, these differences can be especially challenging. They often involve profoundly held beliefs and expectations about family relationships, life cycle events and issues as diverse as food, money, child rearing and basic lifestyle choices. In my work with interracial couples, international and immigrant couples. In my work with interracial couples, international and immigrant couples, I fully integrate cultural equity and humility, and alternative healing frameworks to address the challenges that only people who have walked a journey involving multiple countries, cultures, and identities can truly understand.

Sex Therapy: Sexuality and Intimacy
Group Therapy

Group-Therapy Groups allow you to grow in community with others. I facilitate groups as communities that offer safety, support and empowerment. This is a collaborative endeavor form of healing that can focus on interpersonal relationships or on particular concerns. How a group will develop and what actually happens depends on who attends, what is being discussed, and my own contributions as an expert facilitator. However, change occurs as you move through the various transformational stages that group work offers. As you get to know yourself and the other members on a deeper level, your experiences in the group become increasingly restorative.

Adult male survivors of sexual abuse
Advanced trauma and addiction recovery work
Pets: The Human Animal Bond
I teach therapists in training about the nature and importance of the animal human bond. I know what this bond is about through my own life time experience with pets. If you are a pet owner, you know that this bond is precious. Our beloved pets provide us with a relationship inherently different from that of humans and they can become integral parts of our lives. However, when they become sick and/or pass, we may struggle to mourn their loss. Sometimes we mourn alone or not at all due to a “lack of permission” by those close to us or by society. I understand that the loss of your companion animal can be painfully devastating and that it can get entangled with other losses and issues in your life.   Other issues involving pets involve family members’ understanding of the role of a pet for a child, and adult or an elderly person. Often times, family members are not aware of the attachments we create and the importance they have for a family or an individual’s life. Other times, the work involves relating to our pets in ways that do not conflict with the needs of our partners and family members.
For Therapists

TherapistsTaking care of ourselves personally and professionally is essential to being an excellent mental health provider for other people. We can take of ourselves in multiple ways, for example, integrating an exercise routine in our lives, volunteering, pursing a hobby, getting involved in some form of activism, maintaining a spiritual practice, and the like. Amongst the many options we have, it is also important to consider when we need our own therapy and professional consultation or supervision.

Therapy for Therapists

Couple-Pic-2aAll Counseling/therapy is a cultural encounter of sorts. Below you will find some of the ideas that frame my work around inter-culturalism from some of my published journal articles. Winslade and Sinclair (2008) advanced the notion that all counseling is cultural because it involves the use of language which is a product of our cultural worlds. An issue is the fit or lack of fit that we may experience as persons of Color, as sexual minorities, as gender minorities or as a person with a disability.

I agree with their view of cultural competence, as involving a process of transformation whereby personal cultural constraints are addressed among all members of participating in the therapeutic/counseling process. As therapists, we need understand how a clients’ multiple identities (gender, class, sexual orientation, race), and social contexts lend meaning to the experience of the issues they bring to therapy. We also need to be cognizant and accountable of our own ability to recognize our own multiple identities, and the interaction of these identities with our client’s in therapy.

gay men counselingFor me differences in power associated with particular cultural meanings and practices generate norms and meaning-making practices that define what is dominant and marginal, accepted or not, in the worlds of everyday social life. Thus, cultural differences per ce are not what makes some groups marginalized, or the target of discrimination and hatred. It is most useful to explore how our gender identities, social class, race, sexual orientation and ability play a role in the kinds of privileges and lack of privileges that we have in our lives. This allows us to address their impact in our interpersonal issues and well-being. The work I do is centered on cultural equity (Almeida, Hernandez-Wolfe & Tubbs, 2011).   I also believe that addressing issues of equity must come hand in hand with humility. Tervalon and Murray-Garcia (1998, p.119) used the term cultural humility to refer to the lifelong learning process and self-reflection that allows for physicians in training to let go of “the false sense of security that stereotyping brings” and the flexibility and humbleness “to say that they do not know when they truly do not know.” While not discounting the importance of knowing as much as possible about our fields and the communities we serve, a stance of humbleness allows us the possibility to navigate the many challenges that we encounter in our daily lives.

Therapy is an investment in you, your relationship, and your family. My service fees are based on a combination of experience, knowledge, skills and time. I work to provide effective relief and to keep cost to a minimum.
Couples/Family Therapy
  • 60 minutes = $200.00
Group Therapy
Clinical Supervision
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